2016 Roblin's Ladies' Shopping Night


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each one who purchased a ticket and came out to support our first "Ladies' Shopping Night"!


Tickets are $10. (Cash only)

Purchase a ticket at one of the participating shops below. There is a limited quantity of tickets available to purchase.

Tickets sold in 2016

We sold 128 tickets for our 1st Annual Ladies’ Shopping Night, raising a grand total of $1,280.00 for our local Project Christmas Dinner.

Participating Shops

Stationery, Giftware and Cosmetics

125 Main St.

Stationery, Giftware and Rustic Wood Decor

213 2nd Ave NW

Clothing & Sporting Goods

139 Main St.

Specialty Coffee Shop/Paint Shop

279 Main St.

Crazy Daisy Salon

Giftware & Hair Salon

162 Main St.

Clothing & Giftware

182 Main St.

Giftware and Jewelry

293 Main St.

Gift Basket Giveaway

Kristel Olding is the winner of this beautiful gift basket filled with items donated by each participating shop.